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Integrated Patient Payment Workflows for Cerner Millennium® Customers

Salucro's fully integrated payment workflow solution for Cerner Millennium® customers offers an intentionally designed solution for Cerner customers to drive increased patient payments from directly within their existing collection workflows, helping to improve revenue cycle efficiencies and the patient financial experience.

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Salucro is Fully Integrated, Unlike Any Other Payment Solution for Cerner Millennium® Customers

Salucro’s patient financial engagement integration is built for Cerner Millennium® customers unlike any other payment solution. By allowing healthcare providers to launch payment interactions from any existing Cerner Millennium® context, there’s no longer a need for a separate, unconnected application to process patient payments.

Direct Launch from Any of Your Existing Cerner Millennium® Workflows and Implementations

Payment Solution for All Patient Payment Use Cases Including Pre-Service, Post-Service, & Payment Plans

Real-Time Posting for All Patient and Non-Patient Payment Transactions Throughout Your System

Retail-Like Payment Options, with Advanced Patient Financial Engagement Available

A Seamless Patient Payment Solution

Launch the platform from within any module, including Registration, Revenue Cycle, and Power Chart.

A Streamlined Onboarding Experience

Healthcare organizations can see benefits in as early as 12 weeks with a simple and expedited white-glove onboarding experience.

Automated Patient Financial Engagement

With automated payment notifications, patients are educated and informed throughout the patient financial journey.

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With the ability to receive and update all data points accessible by standard mPages in Cerner Millennium, all relevant patient interaction data can be passed to and from Salucro’s payment application, creating a seamless experience for your patients and an easy collection process for your staff.

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