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Salucro Partners with CareCredit to Deliver Financing Options to Healthcare Providers, Integrated with the Salucro Payment Platform

By Natalie Moore / August 11, 2020

Delivering access to patient-friendly financing options to simplify the healthcare payment process for patients and healthcare providers nationwide Salucro Healthcare Solutions, a leading healthcare payment technology company, today announced the addition of CareCredit to its patient payment and billing platform, combining CareCredit’s flexible patient financing products with Salucro’s revenue cycle focused patient financial engagement solutions. In the 2019 Patient Payment Technology Report, Salucro found that if the flexibility was offered, 10% of surveyed patients would prefer to utilize a healthcare-specific third-party financing option, and 22% would prefer to leverage a flexible recurring payment plan when paying for their healthcare services. With the launch of this partnership, health systems and healthcare providers using Salucro’s platform, along with their patients, will have the opportunity to pay with an expanding set of payment options...

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The Benefits of Innovative Online Bill Pay Offerings for Patients & Providers

By Caleb Varoga / May 7, 2020

Patients often live in a world where they’ve been conditioned by retail, restaurant, and entertainment industries to expect immediate and instant gratification. However, the healthcare industry has yet to catch up to consumer needs, and is often bogged down by inefficient processes, especially with regard to payments. In 2020, you can pay your phone bill by sending a quick text message to your service provider, so why don’t all healthcare providers do the same for your annual checkup?  Patients want to be able to pay their healthcare bills how they pay all other bills, simply. But there are more benefits than patient satisfaction behind offering innovative, online bill pay solutions. Building Patient Loyalty Traditionally, while the clinical side of the healthcare industry has embodied innovation, the administrative and financial arms...

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