Why partner with Salucro?

We are proud to partner with Salucro Healthcare Solutions because they offer a competitive advantage for MedCycle and a best in class solution for our clients. Salucro’s all-in-one online bill pay solution features 12 payment options, increases accessibility while reducing cost. The recurring payment plans are set to the provider’s standards and insures PCI compliance. Through our joint efforts we have been able to improve self-pay recoveries for our clients while increasing patient satisfaction.

Eric Currie

Partner, MedCycle

With Salucro’s 12 patient payment options, AccuReg users can efficiently process payments prior to service with FAP-approved discounts, payment terms, and loan options that help make care affordable, increase the likelihood of collection and decrease the cost to collect.  The Salucro integration also gives front-end supervisors real-time alerts of failures to collect, and Revenue Cycle Managers and Finance Executives gain reliable POS estimate to collections KPI reporting at system, department and user levels.  We look forward to helping our clients move revenue cycle disciplines up front, where they matter most.

Paul Shorrosh

Founder and Chief Financial Officer, AccuReg

Our partnership with Salucro incorporates an 'industry leading’, healthcare focused, online payment solution into our complete suite of technology, data, and letter services. We believe this partnership offers a ‘Best in Class’ solution that will drive customer revenue and significantly enhance operational effectiveness.

John D. Mashia, Jr.

President and Chief Operating Officer, IMS, Inc.

Consumers everywhere are looking for convenient options online, and patients are no different. If you give them an easy way to pay their bills they will take advantage of it. In our experience, we routinely see a 30% plus increase of self-pay recoveries as a result of our on-line patient payment portal, combined with the right level of recovery effort.

Ray Dziubla

Chief Operating Officer, Financial Health Strategies, Inc

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