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The 6 Musts for Your Online Patient Engagement Strategy

By Michael Krivich / May 4, 2015

We are pleased to introduce Michael Krivich FACHE, PCM as part of our Leadership Series, Forward: The Consumer Experience. Mr. Krivich is a marketing executive and a healthcare blogger with an international following. He is the creator of Healthcare Marketing Matters, a blog dedicated to advancing healthcare. Follow him on Twitter, @mkrivich. How can a hospital or health system creative group create a sustainable, engaging and experienced based social media strategy and program – all while loving it (and your results)? Use of social media for engagement and experience management can be a hit or miss proposition without the right strategy and resourcing. When one considers that the healthcare consumer and patient have over 145 touch-points that impact experience, engagement and decision making choices, now social media is a strategic...

Why User Experience Needs to Come to Healthcare Payments

By Asher Kaplan-Dailey / March 18, 2015

 We are pleased to introduce Salucro’s Product Manager, Asher Kaplan-Dailey. Asher recently joined Salucro with nearly a decade of experience in technology and will oversee all platform and product development. He has worked in mobile throughout his career at IQzone, a mobile advertising technology company.  The user experience has been almost lost in healthcare. Simplicity is probably the most important thing. Like popular consumer brands, healthcare companies must also develop a product that’s simple, and easy to use that logically flows from one step to the next. You can have a beautiful interface, but if it doesn’t flow in a logical way, then it’s worthless. If you always put your customer first then you’re going to build a Best-in-Class user experience. If you have the general mindset that you always...

What Every Hospital CFO Should Know About Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management

By Ayla Ellison / February 16, 2015

We are pleased to introduce, attorney and media executive,  Ayla Ellison as part of our Leadership Series, Forward: How to Drive Revenue. Ms. Ellison is the Finance Editor at Becker’s Hospital Review.  In 2012 she was awarded the Best Legal Medicine Perspective Award for her work as a writer and editor of the American College of Legal Medicine’s Journal. Follow her on Twitter, @bhr_ayla.Some financially distressed hospitals know they need to invest in an updated revenue cycle management system to stay in business. But when a hospital is already struggling financially is investing in an upgraded system a smart move? The Demand of Next Generation Revenue Cycle Management The shifting healthcare environment is putting a strain on hospitals as they deal with the demand to invest in next generation revenue...

The Debate Is On: Does EHR have an ROI?

By Carl Bergstrom / January 14, 2015

We are pleased to introduce Carl Bergstrom as part of our new Leadership Series, Forward: How We Drive Revenue. Mr. Bergstrom is a registered nurse and a healthcare blogger. He also has a background as a software developer for health information technology. Computers are nothing new to healthcare. They have been used for decades in physicians’ offices and hospitals for billing and insurance purposes as well as for some miscellaneous record keeping within practices. Nearly all advanced medical equipment used in diagnosis and treatment has long been computerized and automated with software. Now, the government wants to ensure that its Medicare and Medicaid patients will be cared for by physicians who are taking full advantage of this wave of health information technology by rewarding them for using Electronic Health Records...

Here’s what patients should be saying about your Online Bill Pay.

By Natalie Moore / October 24, 2014

Are you offering Online Bill Pay to your patients? What is your patient response? Read on to see what it should be: (more…)

It’s Time: How Apple Pay can change Healthcare Security.

By Natalie Moore / October 20, 2014

Apple Pay. Two words that could change everything we know about payments – in and outside of the healthcare system. The new method of payment, launched today, and it’s positioned to move mobile payments forward with consumers leaving their wallets and their credit cards behind. What makes Apple Pay significant? Apple Pay is still limited to a small portion of the market, (Apple Watch, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users), but the security it offers could drive more consumers to the service. (more…)

Mayo Clinic Launches iOS 8 Integrated App

By Natalie Moore / October 2, 2014

This fall, Apple released a new Health app for the iPhone and a HealthKit, new healthcare API for developers, designed to integrate data from Fitbits, Jawbone Ups, FuelBands and other fitness tracking devices. (more…)

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