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Health Apps and 3 Musts for Protecting Your Patients

Technology may be revolutionizing the healthcare industry but while mobile health applications and cloud-based management are convenient, many think they may be compromising the privacy of healthcare data. The debate, which is so multifaceted there isn’t one way of looking at it, centers around how the healthcare industry can embrace mobile health while still securing patient data. In light of the Anthem breach earlier this year, the issue is becoming even more of a hot topic.

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The 6 Musts for Your Online Patient Engagement Strategy

How can a hospital or health system creative group create a sustainable, engaging and experienced based social media strategy and program – all while loving it (and your results)?Use of social media for engagement and experience management can be a hit or miss proposition without the right strategy and resourcing. When one considers that the healthcare consumer and patient have over 145 touch-points that impact experience, engagement and decision making choices, now social media is a strategic business imperative, not a nice-to-have.

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How to Create Healthcare Apps People Love

It’s more complicated to create an engaging app than many business managers expect, especially in healthcare, one of the most complex industries. There are often different, opposing forces at work that make the task more challenging.

Your odds of an excellent outcome increase significantly if you keep one word in mind: prioritization.

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Join Salucro in Supporting Nepal Relief Efforts

On Saturday, April 25th, an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.8 struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu. More than 4,600 people have died across the region, including in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, and over 9,000 more were injured. International Medical Corps is on the ground helping the earthquake survivors – they need our support.

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